Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sorry folks l forgot to post my final comic book page, so here it is :)
Final Comic Page 3

Final grades

Hi everyone, I went into college today and picked up my final grades. I got six destinctions across six units which is the highest grades l could get. Definitely having a glass of wine tonight. This will be my final post until l return in September to continue my education. Then l will be studying illustration arts at Plymouth university. Have a great summer everyone, see you soon. Tara 😊

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Comic book page 1/2 digital illustration

Hi :)

This is a first of its kind for me ( a comic book) and i hand many problems with the page layout. Just the design of the page layout was hard in its self yet after many hours struggling l finally completed the first two pages today. A well earned glass of wine is heading my way. This whole project as come off the back of looking and researching into geometry and the sci fi elements l found early on when l was focusing to heavily on steampunk as my piece. The geometry side of things came after l got into drawing circles and then started thinking about atoms and science along with the planetary aspect of the whole thing. Finding a narrative was slightly harder than l imagined. So for that reason, future research is best to source the story first,  rather than the images at the begin. Thing is you just want to get stuck right in and draw without thinking. Three more hard years of this and l should get the hang of it. :) There is one final page to do, which still needs one more image, this will then make the comic complete...finally

Comic Page 1 Final piece

Comic Page 2 Final piece

Hi there, heres the last of my digital go with some illustrations i've done with text for a comic book i'm working on a series of word strings: Express, Narrate, Sequence, Record. Hope you like :)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hi :)

This reduction lino prints i've shown before but now l have worked over it digitally. It represents the sun dieing.

Thursday, 8 May 2014