Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Boat scene

Hi there,

This image l worked on today at uni. This was originally a drawing l did taken from Torquay harbor (9.10.14) Then l made a collage from it. This then lead me into scanning it into the computer and using a photo from a 3D model l made of a ship added and re-sized them to the image. There was only one house on the far right so l duplicated the image and then used a blending tool in Photoshop where this work was done to give the houses more character and feel about them. This work l am showing you is still waiting to be assessed in five weeks time as l have plenty more work to be getting on with and have just spent the last two hours studying. But l must stop for something to eat now and chill for a while.

Until next time folks......


Image as described. Copyright © Tara Prudden 2014

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Digital line drawing.

Hi there

Just a little textured line drawing l did today, while trying out my new graphics tablet. I hope you like it.

See you soon
Tara :)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Harvard system guide

Hi there

This guide l have researched and typed in a easy to understand guide to help anyone that maybe studying at the moment. You can copy and paste this document and then print it out at your leisure. I have laminated mine and stuck one, on my notice board and the other in my folder, as its gonna take me a while to remember. 

See you soon Tara :) 

Harvard System guide.

·         Copying word for word should have quotation marks, but not in your own words.
·         Direct quote you should type the author, publisher, year and page number.
·         Own paragraph quote you should type, author, publisher, date.
·         Citing should have three key areas highlighted with author surname, date of publication and the page number.
·         Referencing should start with citing then alphabetically. 

Referencing from source.

Book info - The following should be typed:
  • Author/editor, Publication in enclosed brackets = () Title in italics, bold or underlined, edition, place of publication. Publisher, serial number if relevant.

EBook info - The following should be typed:

  •  Author/editor, year of publication, title, name of eBook collection in italics with the word [online] with enclosed brackets, available @: URL of eBook, (accessed and the date) enclosed brackets.

Journal info - The following should be typed:

  • Author/editor, year of publication, title of article in single quotation marks, title of journal, volume, issue, page numbers.

Online Journal info - The following should be typed:

  • Author/editor, year of publication, title of article in single quotation marks, title of journal, volume, issue, page numbers, name of collection, phase [online] available @: URL (assessed and the date).

Webpages info - The following should be typed:

  • Author/editor, publishing organization, year of publication, title of internet site, available @: URL, (assessed and the date)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A guide to Harvard Referencing

This video will help you using the referencing system when writing essays.
I typed this out and have a copy on me at all times when in the library and one at home pinned to my noticed board for quick reference as it's easy to forget. But get in the habit of using it straightaway if you can.

3D models.

Hi everyone...

More 3D models for you, ready for drawing next week.

See you soon
Tara :)

Monday, 22 September 2014

3D Clay Face

Hi everyone

Yesterday l posted to tell you all about my assignment, well today as you know if you've been following me l made some 3D models to draw from later on. I had so much fun making these today. Below is a few snaps of my new friend l made today. His name is Jim and he's one of my characters for my illustration i'm working on. I've also made a tall ship and a ship with funnels, a snake and a house, oh and a wine bottle so far...more tomorrow. These are made from plastic and cardboard and paper with a handy glue gun l bought last year......defo buy your own. I will post more  photos of my 3D models tomorrow, but for now here's Jim :)

See you soon...Tara :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Assignment 1- Memory palace

Hi there everyone,

I have now been given my first assignment on my illustration course at uni.
Its called Memory palace. So far l have had to listen to a story which was 20 mins long and then write down what l could remember. For example smoke, cats, characters, house etc. With this info formed as a group l then constructed two sentences. Now from these sentences l have to make the subjects, characters or scene in the sentence which l will light and draw from. Things l am using to make my objects from is recycled food waste boxes ie: cereal boxes, egg cartons etc.I have ten weeks on this assignment and it is worth 20 credits and l have to get at least 40% for a pass, but l aim for more of course. I have the scene of the illustration in my head already which is a good start. But i'm not sure yet how detailed or abstract and simple this piece is going to look yet or whether it will be done either using print or digital as the final piece but will definitely be doing both and exploring mediums for final outcomes. I do know that l want to use watercolors more in my drawings. So tomorrow i'm in uni and will make a start on my models and aim to finish them this week and start drawing as soon as possible.

See you soon Tara